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RightEye EyeQ uses eye tracking to test for vision problems, brain injuries

Notes: You can download the latest version of the instruction manual from our Web site. Preparations for the Firmware Update: After the downloaded compressed file. In the firmware Version 1. Before starting the firmware update operations, please be sure to carefully review these instructions. The following is the history of past firmware updates. Q: Are the improvements from previous firmware versions included in Firmware Version 1. A: Yes, the following improvements from the previous version are included: Previous Version 1. Support for the RFmm F Previous Version 1.

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Supports Servo AF when shooting still images. Now available when shooting movies regardless of "Movie Servo AF" setting. Under certain conditions the electronic level displayed in the electronic viewfinder did not display properly. Under certain conditions information displayed in the electronic viewfinder was not properly rotated.

Under certain conditions updating the firmware for the wireless file transmitter WFT-E7 was not possible.

Support for "continuous shooting" is available when "silent shutter" has been enabled. Corrects a phenomenon in which an error may occur if there is a large number of files in a specific format on the memory card. Corrects a phenomenon in which an error may occur when silent shutter has been enabled. Corrects a phenomenon in which horizontal linear noise may occur when using specific lenses together with certain recording image quality settings. NET Core has to offer!

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You can learn more about the new features and fixes offered in. To get started on using. To do this, download the macOS installer from the. NET Core Download page and run the installer to add.

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NET Core 3 support to your system. NET Core 3 Preview is installed, you can create a new. NET Core 3 project simply by using the. NET Core template and selecting. As support for. NET Core 3 is still in preview, not all features are currently in place. One such example is support for C 8, which will be available in a future update of Visual Studio for Mac. These templates provide a starting point with a sample client-side application written using each of the technologies above.

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The application consumes data provided by an ASP. The project files generated by these templates are setup to build the TypeScript and JavaScript assets when you run your application, so that you can stay focused on building your app without leaving the IDE. You can learn more about this in the ASP.

As we talk to our user community, one theme is clear: performance and reliability need to continue to improve. When the screen is unlocked by entering a password, the 10 min. One thing that remains unanswered is if this new lock screen will actually keep the Mac awake indefinitely. As far as I know, my Mac goes to sleep after a while when the screensaver is enabled using hot corners at least the screen turns off after a while — even with Caffeine app activated. That part is really annoying if you want to lock the Mac, but keep it running e. Is there any way I can keep my Mac on while locked and also avoid the screen from turning off?

If you set sleep to never, then using screensaver lock ensures it never goes to sleep, keeping it available for remote access. Who the hell would chose to do more work to do the exact same thing!!!! Not to mention if you forget to lock the screen, you can set an idle time that will do it for you!!

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I also set the Password Required to 5 Seconds after screen saver begins. So, when I walk away, pressing the 4 keys immediately starts my screensaver and 5 seconds later requires password or Apple Watch to unlock. I have always used the Keychain. Simple, straightforward and works on any macOS. Is there any difference between locking the screen in Sierra from the Keychain. So I decided to re-assign the command to something else.

Lock Screen or Sleep are two useful possibilities:. System Preferences 2. All Applications 4. Add the Text exactly: Lock Screen or Sleep in my case 6. I may take a few minutes for the new shortcut to become available. Did you say that it is possible to change the shortcut to activate Screen Lock? I searched in various places in the settings and did not find it. Could you guide me? Thank you. Again, I have to question who at Apple makes these idiotic decisions to put this kind of crap in the newer OSX versions.

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I love my mouse to the hot corner and the screen and computer are locked, end of story. No go to a menu drop down and click anything. Agreed, enabling Filevault should be standard on all Macs — at least if they have an SSD for speed reasons.