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On a gigabyte motherboard, you can hit F12 to choose the boot device.

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So you may need to adjust the hard drive boot order, and not the actual boot device. You should see a screen similar to the following — I already have a working Lion installation, which is why two OSX icons are shown. Select the icon that shows the name of the USB drive, and hit enter. Fairly soon, you should be in the standard Mountain Lion installation.

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If not, you may have to use some boot parameters:. The full install should take about 30 minutes.

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  6. Once into a working system, place your user DSDT file onto the desktop, and run Multibeast , the post installation utility. Download it directly on your new Mac if the network is working already, or copy it from another machine. If not, the TonyMacX86 support forums are a wealth of information. If you want an easier time, consider installing Lion instead. How about you? Will you be trying out a Hackintosh this summer? Your email address will not be published. Hi, This is my laptop configuration.

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    Is it possible to install new OSX on my laptop I can get a licences copy from apple. Also is it illegal for installing non mac computer? It's not illegal per se, but its not licensed, even if you buy actual licenced copy. You can develop on a non-Apple machine. But no, laptops are usually useless as hackintoshes. It might be possible, but there'll be too much that's broken and unsupported. Actually I am new to ios app development so I dont know where to start. Do you think mini mac with 8 GB is good for app development?

    I was going through some review and it says some times even 8 gb will hang up. Was wondering if for support and learning the mac OS if it was possible to order a Mac OS and actually install it from the disk on a non mac built PC.

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    Don't really want to buy a used mac to accomplish this when I have many many unused boxes sitting around waiting for linux and other fun operating systems. Not legally no; for a business, you would have to actually buy a Mac to avoid getting into trouble, I think. You can though, technically.

    I really want to install my very own mac computer. But i never had a chance to do that. Because i dont have a good enough computer to do that. Planning on dual-booting 7 and osxML on an Alienwaree.. This is old, but maybe Also, can't ever promise no issues with running apps; if the graphics card and motherboard are fully supported, you are good mostly. How can I be able to install on my windows PC. Did you read the article Rashidul?

    That's kind of the entire topic. I'm afraid I can't email you personally to give instructions. Hi I know that you said you won't show us how to pirate it but will this version of os x work?

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    I'm kinda confused. My ISP blocks piratebay so I cant check I'm afraid - but if it's uploaded by a reliable source check for the green or purple skull and corssbones , then yes, that should work. I have a 3 year old Gateway with an I2 processor. Do you reccomend upgrading or updating my processor before installing OSX?

    Hi David. The main issue with compatibility is actually the motherboard - if you have a gateway machine, i doubt it's a brand name and supported motherboard, so it's unlikely to work. Do you know the exact model and make of motherboard not the whole computer, just the motherboard component? This looks cool!! Yes, it can, just watch the video I have posted in Youtube. The link is already posted in the comments thread.

    Definitely going to Hackintosh my Desktop if everything works!!! Hey great article.

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    On the other hand, some people might want to edit in FCP - which is not available on Windows. I think that be the main issue.

    As an aside, your base system is unix - so that's always a nice advantage of running OSX. Dunno how many times I wanted a killall -9 command for my windows 7. Is there a PDF to the guide or can the page be fixed? It should be working fine Please help me make my Dell N into a hackintosh, i tried using Iatkos L2 but i get kernel panic after the apple logo, i also tried it several times but i always face kernel panic or it freezes in the chameleon apple logo. Help me pls. Don't have any experience with any builds other than what I recommend here Have you had any trouble with your gtx in I had trouble getting it recognized, and I'm still not able to select cuda as my playback choice in PPro.

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    Install OS X Lion on a Hackintosh the Easy Way with UniBeast

    November 5, Leave this field blank. Reply Share Share this answer:. This mean you no longer need an optical drive to create a hackintosh. You format that drive with a single partition with a Master Boot Record partition scheme. Once formatted, you run UniBeast and it will take care of all the magic for you. When it's done, you'll be able to boot from it and install Lion. Note: some extra boot flags may be necessary in some cases, depending on your setup.