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New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops made available by your admin. The app helps you be productive no matter where you are.

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These are enumerated below. Optional access [Storage]: access authority is required to access local drives and documents from the Remote Desktop session when the Redirect local storage feature is enabled. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website.

Microsoft Corporation See more. Microsoft Outlook. Get this software! Much better setup, far far superior control inter fact and hugely more responsive that Mocha VNC. Very happy! I am very pleased with the multitude o different options to control the remote vnc — full keyboard, trackpad or direct screen taps — with pinching etc for zoom and full screen support. The price is absolutely great and the support is great as well as far as I can tell I suggested a new feature and it was implemented in the next version. Fantastic app!

If you need a fast, stable and intuitive VNC app then buy this one. Just bought this app and I feel in love already.

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El producto funciona como un excelente escritorio remoto, y su conjunto de opciones ha ido mejorando para cubrir todas las necesidades de acceso remoto a un escritorio en mi caso, Windows. Muy recomendable. At first there was some doubt: does this work for this price? SSH features a keyboard and trackpad, a lot of features and nice help in the app. Compared to other apps this is a real bargain. So back to the app for now and testing it even more….

Grab it now! Thanks a lot!!

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I have been looking for quite a while for a remote desktop with a custom keypad. With the macro function this is the one coming closest. Besides creating a new connection with the automatic detection is pretty simple and rely able. Also love the different zoom possibilities. Would like to be able to add a fully custom keypad with custom labeled keys that fires predefined macros. It is now one of my most useful apps. For 59p well worth it, with all the features I want.

This is amazing, so easy and intuitive to use.

Real touch pad with touch click. Great value.

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First time VNCer and had no trouble getting it to work. Intuitive yet powerful. Money very well spent. Best VNC app so far. Bonjour makes connecting to local macs simple. Love it. So far, so good! This is the first app I installed on my ipad2, and it works flawlessly. Great for keeping remote connections close at hand. Well thought out, Inexpensive, and it just plain works. Works Great! I was having trouble making it work with Lion. Works great! Stays connected in the background. Very configurable: finger as mouse or relative pointer, gestural control or transparent mousepad, remember settings or log in fresh.

Gets better every version, and the updates are frequent. Dose Just what I Need it to!

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Thanks for saving me 19 Bucks! Connecting to a Windows 7 or XP server actually is like having a touch interface in Windows. It works every bit as well with Mac OSX. I was reluctant to purchase this program with so many free ones but Remoter hands down out preforms all the other VNC apps I tried. I am very happy with the program and purchased the SSH add-on too.

Good work and thank You. It connects to my Mac very quickly with almost no lag. Also, the see-through keyboard, and on-screen trackpad allow me all of the functionality needed to do my job from my iPad. I am a completely Mac based household, so I cannot speak to Windows users. Absolutely worth the money. I have found nothing to complain about. Oh yeah baby!! This works fricken sweet!

Love the fact I can connect to my iMac remotely and that it works with os x lion Nicely done guys! VERY snappy even over internet. Intuitive and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

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Simply put, a pleasure to use. I added the SSH terminal option in-app purchase. Love this app. I was using another app that sort of got the job done but I found myself needing more. I came across Remoter and was blown away, especially for the price. I only gave 4 stars because there is always room for improvement with any software however if I could give 4. This is a great app; I especially like that you can use it with SSH.

You can now log into separate accounts on the same machine. I have been using this app for some time on my home network with great success.

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Recently I wanted to access my home desktop while away. The instructions on how to do this were very clear. Thank you so much for a great app and great support!! I am amazed by the broad range of features of this VNC client. The developer is commited and works hard on this app to fix and enhance it with features people can use.

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It has an ssh client that lets me use my existing keys. I can sell my wireless trackpad and keyboard. A tour de force of implementation. The transparent keyboard and trackpad controller are excellent.