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Cube World was officially released on 2nd July so there will be lots of YouTube videos of it uploaded over the next few weeks. As to videos uploaded before then, they must be the closed Alpha releases such as the ones played by gamers at Yogscast. The Alpha version is available now though.

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My brother has the game and i dont know how he got it…. Your brother got it because the Cube World Alpha version was released a week ago on July 2nd. The developer website was overloaded at first but eventually it was fixed. Just because download servers run slow or are un avalible does not mean it is being DDOSed.

This game is kinda going viral, and it is very common for download servers to run slow especially for small indie games like this. After that, all future updates will be free. It is a one time payment, so if you do buy it in alpha you will have it in beta and full. The YouTube Cube World videos were originally posted by the developer and are just examples of gameplay. Because a very limited number of gamers were given access to a closed Cube World Alpha version. The rest of us will have to wait!

You are correct.

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A closed Cube World Alpha was given to some gamers such as those at Yogscast. I very much doubt any of these lucky gamers would be willing to upload it because part of the deal with the developer was that they promised not to distribute it. Is cubeworld going to be Free or is it going to cost money D: There will be a demo which will be free but the functionality will be limited.

The full Alpha version however, you will have to pay for but it will be fully functional with all the features.

On Picroma. It was posted my Woolay. Cube World Alpha is now available for download! You can pay the developer for the Cube World download online in any currency and it will be automatically converted to pounds by your bank. Meykkel, It is quite a lot of money for an Alpha version. Presumably though Alpha users will receive a significant discount on the full version, or even a free upgrade, when it is released. You idiot. About the Mac version of the game, does anybody know if the game will be ported on Mac soon I mean before the release of the game or will it be ported after the release?

Niddog, The developer has said that Cube World will definitely be released for Mac but our guess is that it will be after the full version has been released on PC.

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Ok … Thank you for your answer! I guess Cube World will be updated when the full version is released although there is no date for this yet. No, you will not have to pay again for Cube World when the full version is released. All updates will be free. Is there a way to get around this problem? Please Help! This is a known soundcard bug with Cube World.

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Try plugging in some headphones and it should work. Unfortunately this seems like a bug with DirectX and Wine not recognizing the Mac soundcard. I used xact Jun Make sure you are using wine bottler. Thanks Johnny. XACT is a free audio compression tool for Mac. And just to clarify, can I just use the file and say open with Wine Bottler? Hopefully this goes to the bottom of the reply series. Anyways, I run it with Wine Bottler, and the things are unchecked, but when it creates a.

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I think I figured it out, it was a nooby wine mistake. Nevermind, still not working. If it helps, I installed cubeworld with wine in terminal, but I can only get it to work show pictures and not say invalid email password or license when I go to the. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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However, my guess is that the beta will probably be released in a few months when problems with the Cube World Alpha version which was released on July 2nd are fully fixed. When will Mac version of Cube world be able? You said it would be soon and on wollays website it says they are doing it in the future which means it may not be soon. Roughly when would Cube world support Macs. Can someone help me? Please I spent all day trying to get cube world to run on mac using winebottler, and i have no clue how to fix the xaudio2. Add me on Skype please: I right click the Cube.

Then this yellowish box appears so I only check the circular box which says This is an installer, execute it. Then i press install. Then after that i open it and it opens up as a internet page and goes to winebottler. But When WineBottler is about to create the computer console opens and it says: I have no idea how to fix this, I hope you guys can help me! Thank you very much. Go to where it says winetricks when you are using winebottler. Then type in xact Jun where it says search on the winetricks box thing. Remember the demo is a tech demo! If you have any questions ask.

Johnny, Thanks very much for for the tips but there are no other versions of Cube World available. The Cube World Alpha download is the only one released so far so which version are you using? Now I tried, but the message is still the same. But when i click on the demo it works. I have the same problem.

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Then when I press a key, it crashes. If someone could reply to this with a solution it would be a massive help.

Then check the box which says Bundle: Then Install then b00m. But if u press a button on tech demo is crashes. Alright, please reply if you can, so you are saying that if I were to download the alpha right now, and then a few months later or so when it is released, you have to pay again for the full version and then from that receive updates for free, or if we buy the alpha will it give you an option to update to the full version without buying it again? You will have to pay for the full version when it is released even if you have the Cube World Alpha version.

The only thing the developer Wollay has said about the price of the full version of Cube World is that it will be more than the Alpha version i. Once you buy the alpha u do not have to buy the full version. Wollay said updates are free. And the full version is an update. The only way to play it on Mac is by downloading the PC version and using Wine to run it on a Mac as discussed earlier in this comment thread. Posted by MrMax at 6: We tested multiple servers so that the files are safe and without viruses.

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