I love winter mac lipstick

I give myself multiple spritzes of this during the winter months, the smell is addictive.

My lovely fiance has also just gotten me the new glazed apple scent version of this so I'll really be sparkling this season! I think the scent is perfect for the colder months as it's not floral but has a warm bitter-sweet fragrance. Finally, not strictly a 'beauty' favourite but us beauty bloggers love our candles or so it seems! I'll be burning these throughout the winter season so my home will be smelling all festive and Christmassy.

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♡ BEAUTY ♡ 4 MUST have MAC Lipsticks for Fall & Winter

Pinterest has managed to solve my problem. My personal review is this: It is heavily pigmented so only needs a light touch and will require regular touch ups. The colour is intense and true.

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It is without a doubt my favourite texture and form of lippy. So easy to apply and you get a lovely sharp line without the use of a pencil or a fine lip brush. This particular colour is perfect. The Satin Finish is really nice to wear and lasts a long time. Again the Finish is so dreamy and I just love the pinky beige color.


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It looks much healthier on me than the standard nude. Very similar to Brave is " Mehr Matte Finish ". Honestly, I don't see much of a difference formula wise but the color itself is a lot deeper and a little more opaque. Again one of my favorites. Amplified is much more creamy and glossy but at the same time very opaque. I prefer the Satin finishes but when I have very dry lips this one is my go-to.

Shilpa Ahuja

I got " Craving Amplified Finish " when I had my red hair and back then I really loved this plum color. Even with my black hair haha yes I had all the hair colors, read about my hair story here I really enjoyed it. With my blonder hair and my current obsession with matte or satin lipsticks, I don't wear this one at all. Another one which I never really wear is " Crosswires Cremesheen Finish ".

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As the name already suggests this formula way sheerer but very glossy. The color is a fresh pink orange, perfect for summer. I thought I would get so much wear out of it in the warmer months but apparently, my makeup doesn't really change throughout the year. Haha, I am just always a fall and winter baby.

Instagram is loving it

This shade suits my skin tone so well, it's incredible. I always get loads of compliments wearing it out.

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I never thought I would be one to wear such brave colors, but in the last year I really stepped out of my comfort zone and became exactly that person. Last but not least is " Diva Matte Finish ", an intense burgundy. In fall and winter, I can't get enough of these colors.

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  • At first, I thought it might be too dark for my pale skin but I totally love the contrast.