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The apple-user-homeurl is embedded in an XML fragment. Please note a potential pitfall in the syntax. While AFP examples divide between server address and user path, the SMB variant expects the full path in the url and seems to ignore path additions. For my example server, the apple-user-homeurl looks like this:.

LDAP Authorization: MAC OS X: Authorization & nested groups [#] |

By now, the relevant changes to the server are complete. These will be automatically available when configuring the LDAP client in OpenDirectory mode don't forget to re-apply the changes noted in the prerequisites section. A user with manually added apple-user class and attributes should be able to login with his home drive. As of this writing, I got the mounting of home directories only to work by using the MacOS login window.

Fast user switching is your friend here.

Apple Training Series Mac OS X Directory Services v10.5 by Arek Dreyer

Now, if the manual addition of apple-user-homeurl and apple-user-homeDirectory yielded the desired functionality, it's time to get a convenient Web frontend up and running. When following this guide including the addition of mounts to the installed slapd, the GOSA web frontend should have the installment of "netatalk extensions" button enabled.

For the purpose of SMB based home directory mounting, the netatalk plugin needs to be patched. If everything went well, Users for whom netatalk extensions are installed from the GOSA frontend should be able to login properly right now. You can verify the installed extensions on a client Mac by calling. After the MacOS client being used for testing is working properly, it might be a good idea providing that information for all subsequent clients.

One option is to save the settings as template to HDD and importing that one on all newly added clients. A better option is storing these configuration settings directly on the LDAP server. For the settings on LDAP servers, a container needs to be prepared. You might need to uncomment the container class in apple.

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See below for an example. After adding these prerequisites to the LDAP server, you can save the current settings of a fully working client machine to the server. They would then get the appropriate device settings and apps.

I finally solved it!

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Subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. October 25, It could be coming soon Bradley Chambers - Oct. How to cofigure Open Directory in such a way that it knows where to retrieve the data and especially how to tell it to obtain the data from our own OpenLDAP server, since we assume that you already have an OpenLDAP-infrastructure to begin with. About assumtions, we make a couple more. We assume you have already included the samba.

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We will not blindly add the Mac OS X apple. The mentioned schema files can all be downloaded from das. To load them in the correct order make sure your slapd. Mac OS