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So, instead of micromanaging 60 TUs in which 1 or 2 primary actions moving and shooting consume all the TUs, the new xcom gives us generally 2 action choices per turn. Firaxis did a similar thing with money. Only having up to 6 soldiers initially made me very sad, but again, after playing for a while, I realized the main thing this limitation does is make the game vastly more difficult. Being able to cram 24 flying-suited, heavy plasma- and blaster launcher-toting elite soldiers into my avenger really was overkill on any original xcom map. It made the game a piece of cake to blast your way into UFOs and finish maps within turns.

That only led to the cramming of your general stores with way more alien artifacts than you could ever really use and the selling of lots of junk to give you practically limitless funds to do whatever you wanted to do.

How to install and play the game

In the new xcom unless there are exploits I am not aware of yet you really are forced to work your butt off on a shoestring budget. Yes, you can sell some of the precious few alien artifacts you capture, but every research your scientists work on consumes some of those artifacts and corpses.

In the workshop, the engineers consume alloys and elerium like it's candy.

A Beginner's Guide to XCOM UFO Defence in under 15 minutes

So, instead of everyone floating around in flying suits and toting heavy plasmas, I can barely afford to clothe my soldiers. Each squaddie is forced to wear hand-me-down armor from either a dead soldier or a more experienced one who got a better set of their own. Only three of my soldiers have plasma weapons and they only got those after the most recent mission. That means it took me 22 hours of play to get plasma rifles :P I also have a few other soldiers beyond my best 6 whom I have to keep somewhat equiped so they will be available when any of my main guys get injured.

My point is, even if I could have more soldiers, I couldn't afford to give them useful weapons and armor.

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Did I mention I'm only playing on the Normal setting? For many, many missions, the plasmas and grenades the aliens were shooting me with would spontaneously blow themselves up no matter how I killed the alien. This drove me nuts for quite a while because the heavy plasma rifles seemed to be within my reach, yet I could never recover one.

For the longest time, I thought I would have to stun one of the aliens holding it in order to get one intact that my scientists could study. Well, it turns out I had just overlooked one of the items available for research in the labs :P I don't remember what it was off the top of my head but after simply researching a few prerequisites, I was able to start researching the plasma weapons. After researching each of the light, regular, and heavy plasmas, the aliens started dropping the weapons intact instead of the weapons exploding. First, you can station interceptors all over the globe to intercept UFOs.

You can remotely equip them with newer gadgets just like the first game. They go out of action for a few hours wile re-equiping but it hasn't been a problem for me yet. Next, you start the game with 1 satellite over 1 country. This takes the place of the old radars and lets you detect UFOs within the area. As you progress, you build more satellite uplinks in your base, more satellites in your workshop, and then you launch them to cover more parts of the globe so you can detect UFOs in other countries.

When you do detect one, you can scramble multiple interceptors only from within the continent the UFO is flying over. Unfortunately, you can only attack the UFO with one interceptor at a time as far as I can tell. However, you can attack with one interceptor, do some damage and take quite a licking yourself then break off pursuit and get your next interceptor to start shooting at the UFO.

I don't know whether or not the damage from multiple interceptors stacks and is more likely to bring the UFO down, but I've brought down two of them this way so far. As far as I can tell, you have unlimited storage for junk in the base. You do have to build additional workshops and labs for more scientists and engineers, but I am only using about half my base at the moment, so there seems to be a lot of room to grow. All in all, this approach to base management is fine for me.

Firaxis is going to have to do some work on the visuals when you go into a multi-level structure. Right now, I just about go cross-eyed when moving the mouse around inside a building or UFO. As you move the mouse around, different levels or sections of the UFO pop up in your face and get in the way of what you were trying to look at.

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Adjusting your level manually with the mouse wheel works until you move the mouse cursor again. You just have to see it to understand what I mean. It's even more frustrating when you think you have one level selected in the hopes your soldier will walk on and STAY on that level only to watch him jump off the side and run along the wall somewhere that will take him turns to get back from. One of the most painful changes in the new xcom is the fact that you're limited to only one skyranger.

Within the first few game days, you get presented with 3 terror missions simultaneously and you can only choose one. The places you don't choose will have increased panic and be closer to withdrawing from funding your activities. This bothered me a lot, at first, but as before, Firaxis probably made this change to make the game more difficult and to guarantee that your relations with countries will get progressively worse as you proceed through the game. It also forces you to think a lot harder about who you want to help, because the countries you skip will also affect the panic factor of the continents they're a part of.

This has resulted in poorer scores in my monthly reports and loss of monthly income. There's also an ominous red swirly cloud over each of these countries which makes me worry something else bad is going to happen in the future. So, the limitation of a single troop transport is how the game forces you to make hard choices often and to stay focused on stopping the alien invasion instead of decorating your countless general stores with sectoid corpses and piles of elerium.

If you have only played the demo, please be aware that the demo comprises part of the very restrictive tutorial that is the begining of the game. After you get out of that, your freedom of movement, range of motion, and strategic options and tactical choices are wide open, very much like the first game. The music, ambience, and excellent, constant, but dynamic battlescape cinematics and cut scenes keep the game exciting and stressful at the same time. As I watch from almost directly behind as my best sniper fixes her sights on the berserker muton as it charges toward her, all in slow motion, I find myself biting my nails and praying she makes the shot.

As someone who has been waiting a decade for a decent UFO Defense remake, this is very much it. Well, the truth is that I tried most of those games, and I didn't like them at all. In fact, on two separate occasions during the last five years, I was approached by two different publishers, offered copies of their games, and asked to review them on xcomufo. Minor details. However, it has become quite clear over the course of today that the release packaged on Steam is very definitely geared for the PC only. My question for you cats, given that I am far too much of a noob to figure it out just yet: is there a good way other than purchasing CrossOver Games to get X-COM running on my macbook?

Is it even possible?


UFO Defense (via Steam) on the Mac?

Gut instinct suggests that the best way to do this would be to install the files on the PC, copy 'em over to the Mac, and then open them via DOSBox, but that could end catastrophically, and I don't know enough about DOSBox to be able to do much more than basic command-line operations. I know I am not the only one with this question, so here is my proposal: if one of you can help me get this set up and going, I will gladly help you put together a tutorial so that others can do this too.

It is hardly a fair trade, I know, but it is the best I can offer unless you find yourself in the neighborhood, in which case I would make you a delicious sandwich. Thanks in advance, even if just for the time you spend reading this.

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I take it that you've discovered that it's the PC version of Dosbox that it comes packaged with. Technically, all you need to do is just copy the game directory over to your Mac, mount all the necessary drives and run it directly under your copy of Dosbox. NKF, narrow minded fuddy duddy who refuses to let go of the past and will not accept anything newer than Rather than copying over from my CD and starting fresh, I just put the files on a thumbdrive, dropped them in the Boxer directory, and picked up where I left off in the same savegames.

No need to do extra configuration or mess around with permissions or whatnot.

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So you just need to download it onto a Windows machine do you have your Steam account installed on one? Posted 04 July - PM And while you're here, welcome aboard. It's a good game. But you will die a ton before you really get the hang of it. Posted 04 July - PM Make it months. Get your mecha RPG fix. Star Citizen.

Posted 04 July - PM Only civilians count as collatoral damage, and since they only appear on Terror missions, feel free to level the map to find that last alien. It's my basic strategy, anyway. Posted 16 July - AM ok That's what I do for PC gaming. Rookies are expendable. Posted 28 July - PM Steam version? Yeah, there's no DRM to worry about, meaning it's quite possible to haul the game over to a Mac.