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The re-design and re-launch of our website, which is available in five languages including Chinese and included a migration to the latest version of TYPO3, took place within virtually a matter of three weeks from start to finish with sgalinski. Their professionalism, spot on consultation that proves excellent web technical and customer user journey knowledge and their dedication, meant that we had a successful go-live right on time.

Our webmasters have been impressed with how easy the website has been constructed, making the updating of it a piece of cake. Some time ago I had contacted this company by e-mail.

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I needed consulting in the area of TYPO3. My answer was answered quickly. I hadn't expected that, because it was already Generally an appointment was made, which was also reliably kept, with which Mr.

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Galinski helped me excellently. Finally I can only say that I will contact you again any time! We look forward to receiving your enquiry via our form or via one of the other contact channels. Web design. Contact us. Mobile Apps. Additional Services. To contact form. To the TypoScript plugin. To the Fluid plugin. To the Extension.

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Additional Products. Follow us on Twitter.

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August Conferences. April Releases. TypoScript and Fluid Plugin 2. Our TypoScript and Fluid Plugin was released as version 2. December Releases. After a little over one and a half years, our command line tool SGC has achieved its next milestone today: We are publishing the….

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ABC AU. Associated Press. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Tiezzi, Shannon. Agence France-Presse. The New York Times Documentary. The Guardian. World Magazine. A woman whose right eye was severely injured by a beanbag round has become a symbol of the protests, with demonstrators covering their right eyes with bandages to symbolize police brutality. Legislative Council of Hong Kong. South China Morning Post. Amnesty International. Coconuts Hong Kong. Pro-dem convenor Claudia Mo made sure there would be no debate over the meaning of her own remarks, calling Lam 'a liar,' accusing her of 'playing with words to try and pacify this community,' and calling on her to 'pay her political price' and step down.

Radio Free Asia. However, her phrase in Cantonese was closer to 'dying peacefully in old age.

At a press conference, Carrie Lam used a Cantonese phrase to say the proposed legislation was 'reaching the end of its life. So people won't need to worry that there will be renewed discussions on the bill in the current legislature. Otherwise the Civil Human Rights Front will plan our next action. For Friday's 'Hong Kong Way' demonstration, organisers had called for people to gather in single file along routes that roughly matched subway lines, snaking nearly 30 miles 50km through Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.

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The event, three months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, generated worldwide attention. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania would gain full independence two years later, during the fall of the Soviet Union The Hong Kong Way comes just five days after as many as 1. The Chinese territory has seen a rare period of calm, with last weekend the first in more than two months with no tear gas fired by police. The Washington Post. Hardliners confronted police anew after largely holding back the previous weekend.