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All of these selections can narrow down your search and help you find what you want in a speedy fashion. You can of course skip over all of these, and just select the presets from the bank that you selected over on the far-right of the browser display. These can be saved with your own presets, and it is a good idea to use them. They help to keep everything organized, allowing you to get the right sound in no time.

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While the original DX7 had six operators and 32 algorithms, with FM8 you have six operators to work with, and there are many more potential algorithms via the FM Matrix. Another advantage FM8 has is that its operators are not limited to sine waves like the DX7, as you can choose from any of the 32 waveform types that are included.

If you are using a simple two operator algorithm one modulator and a carrier , it is enough to get you going and generate some decent sounds. This harmonic change depends on the level and frequency of the modulator. There is much more to it than this of course, but I just wanted to give you a basic idea of what is happening behind the scenes. Also, feedback can be set up where an operator modulates itself. As you build up more complex configurations with the operators, you can end up with some very complex and rich sounding timbres.

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If time is of the essence, there are over 60 algorithms in a dropdown menu to get you started. Then again, you can choose to not even modulate the operators and just have any of them go straight to the output. You can also switch to the other operators by clicking the A to Z buttons in the Matrix display. I wanted to mention a few things about the Frequency Ratio. It can be set to the same frequency as the fundamental of the note you are playing 1.

Basically 2. The two extra operators X and Z work differently than the six main operators. If you want to add some noise or process your sound with some wave shaping, then the X operator is for you.

Oldies but Goodies – FM8 by Native Instruments

These filters can be configured in parallel or series. It lets you see important information without switching back and forth between the Expert views of the individual operators. From here, you can set up various mod sources and targets. You can use two different controllers as sources, pitch bend, mod wheel, aftertouch, and several other sources are here, as well as two LFOs.

These LFOs have several varied waveforms from which to choose the same choices as the operators. For example, if you play higher notes on the keyboard the LFO rate can go up, or if you hit the keys with more force. As I mentioned earlier, there is an amplitude envelope for each operator. These can be quite complex if needed. The envelopes can also be linked together, so if you make a change on one, it can affect another in the same way.

Adjusting the envelopes shape is accomplished by dragging nodes around on the graphical interface. You can add additional nodes by right-clicking on the envelope.

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If you click in the window for the envelope and drag the mouse, it will zoom in or out. Some handy numerical data is also displayed to show time values between the breakpoints.

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Key-scaling is also on board for every operator, and the envelopes for key-scaling can be configured in much the same way as the amplitude envelopes. The Pitch window has many controls for pitch bend, overall pitch semitones and cents , and portamento. The Pitch envelope works in much the same way as the other envelopes, but it just modulates the pitch i.

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Microtuning is available in FM8, and it can easily be adjusted using sliders to adjust the note values. Many varied types of tuning presets can be loaded in, and you can save your own creations as well.

It can also be synced to the host. It can be set to play in this order where each number is a different note in a chord 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3 or 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, and there are several others to choose from. There are nine different Repeat modes in total.

Sound Design with Native Instruments FM8

The Pattern Editor is where you can set up your sequence. There are six rows you can use in your pattern, and each of these affects the sequence in different ways. Also included are a number of effect rack, sound morphing, and arpeggio presets. Simply search and you will find — instantly. System requirements:. Download links:. Copyright by iMojado Polyline 1. Posted by Rolos On April 21, 0 Comment. Previous: Native Instruments Massive v1. Next: ImagePrivacyClean 1.

How To Install Native Instruments FM8 Presets (2018)

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