Hsrp v2 virtual mac address

This protocol is described in RFC In Q2 A and E are true assuming that in the exhibit the default hello and hold timers are in use.

In A there is a typo.. The exhibit hello and hold timer values are in use. The standby router can take the active HSRP role if it fails to receive a hello packet from the active router within 10 seconds.

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Sorry, i think preempt is needed for both switch so that each switch can take over when their priority is higher. Does anyone have new dumps?

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Are these questions really on the exam? I watched so many different videos on this topic for and these questions are not covered. I agree with everyone here that preempt is not needed for the initial fail.

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HOWEVER, if it were to come back up, the original active router would come online because preemption is enabled and then if the original active router went down a second time, without preemption enabled the original secondary router would not come back up. To clarify, the standby router would have to go down after becoming active, then the original active goes back up, and then the original active goes down again.

Cisco IOS: First Hop Redundancy Protocols (Part 1) - HSRP

Become a member to interact with all questions and read all tutorials, labs! Find out more or Sign In. Here HSRPv1 is in use v1 default Question 3 Question 4 Question 5 Explanation The configuration of many hundreds of subinterfaces on the same physical interface, with each subinterface having its own HSRP group, can cause the processes of negotiation and maintenance of multiple HSRP groups to have a detrimental impact on network traffic and CPU utilization.

Perform this task to configure multiple HSRP client groups. The example configures track list 1 to track by weight threshold. Switch config track 1 list threshold weight Switch config-track object 1 weight 15 Switch config-track object 2 weight 20 Switch config-track object 3 weight 30 Switch config-track threshold weight up 30 down 10 If object 1, and object 2 are down, then track list 1 is up, because object 3 satisfies the up threshold value of up Question 11 Explanation HSRP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol developed to allow several routers or multilayer switches to appear as a single gateway IP address.

Please, Question 2 is missing an exhibit.

Anonymous December 9th, Do you mean Q2, not Q3? This increases the availability and reliability of routing paths via automatic default gateway selections on an IP subnetwork. The protocols, while similar in concept, are not compatible. Transparent switches build their forwarding table by listening to the src-mac address in a frame.


Configuring HSRP

Without a FIB or CAM table entry for the virtual MAC address, a switch floods frames, which are directed to the virtual IP address, out to all the interfaces, except the interface on which it was received. For example, CPU exhaustion maybe caused on an NSRP firewall in the backup mode, as the firewall in the backup mode drops all traffic that is not directed to its management interface; instead of setting up a session and switching the traffic. When the HSRP router is behind v1-untrust and the protected hosts are in v1-trust , create the HSRP address object in v1-trust and any other zone, if configured:.

Next, we will update the timers so that failure detection time is reduced.

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This is based on a millisecond Hello and a millisecond Holdtime. Next, we will configure enhanced object tracking to decrement the priority by 20, in the event of an IP route not being reachable, due to the route not being present within the RIB. Finally, for HSRP, we will configure authentication.

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  5. Our authentication is will be based on a string that is MD5 hashed, and then sent to the other node, where is checked against the authentication configured. The router with the highest priority is elected the active router. Hello Messages - Hellos are sent every 3 seconds by the active router to let the standby router know it is still available. Holdtime - The amount of time the standby router does not receive a Hello message, and therefore the standby will take the role of the active router.