Spelling checker error on mac

How to Use Google Chrome’s Spell Checker

On occasion after following the above steps, I get the following message as shown below. This opens the Reveal Formatting pane where you can verify your language 1 is what you expect and 2 if the paragraph has spell check turned off. In the example below, you can see the highlighted paragraph is coded not to check for spelling.

Check spelling and grammar in Office for Mac

There is one other setting you probably should check as there is a file option in Word where you can elect to hide spelling errors. This setting is done on an a file by file basis. This second problem can be a real annoyance with many variations. The suggestions range from easy to a registry change. Your problem may be caused by a combination of factors such as another Word add-in.

When Microsoft Word Won’t Spell Check Your Document

Safe Mode is a reduced functionality state where Microsoft Word loads without add-ins. It could be that your problem is tied to your global template which is either normal.

These files are usually found in your Microsoft Templates folder. When you rename the template, Word will reset itself to the default settings. Because your global template file has your settings, I would rename the file to something like normalPRV. This will open the Run dialog where you can enter this command. Every now and then, I have the spell-check feature go wonky after some other software update or hardware change.


Spell checker for macOS - correct spelling errors as you type

Perhaps a registry entry has become corrupted. In these rare cases, you may have to repair your installation. But sometimes, the solution lies in this area. As with an earlier suggestion, I rename the folder rather than deleting it. Some people rely on third-party dictionaries that may use some of these entries.

Feature-rich all-in-one Grammarian PRO2:

Hopefully, the solutions provided resolve your spell check problem. In addition to specifying one or more languages for it to check, you can pick variations for certain tongues—Brazilian versus European Portuguese, for example. Although the basics are the same, designating the macOS spell check language differs somewhat from the method used by its predecessor OS X. To pick the languages and dictionaries used to check the spelling in the emails you write using your Mac:.

You'll see at least one language listed in the Preferred languages section of the screen that opens. Scroll through the list of available languages.

Pay attention to language variants—Australian English is not the same as U. English, for example.

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Highlight a language and click Add. A pop-up asks you to clarify which of the languages listed in the Preferred Languages section is the one you want to use as your primary language. If you change the primary language, you'll need to restart your computer before it is recognized. To remove a language, highlight it and click the minus sign - under the Preferred languages section.

Drag and drop the languages in the Preferred languages screen to change their order. The first one in the list is designated as your primary language.

Fix Chrome Spell Check Not Working 2018

However, Mac OS X can often pick the correct language for your mail from the text you type.