How to make private folder mac

You can try this method if you need a more accessible way to password-protect files and folders. Here is another built-into-Mac method to protect your folders and files. We are going to do this using Terminal and it involves some code. Now, you can see the Encrypted. Depending on your need, you can change the directory and encryption methods.

1: Enable FileVault

As we said earlier, you can use this method to encrypt and protect individual files. Concealer is an advanced Mac app that lets you encrypt and store files and folders. In addition, you can take care of sensitive documents like Notes, Credit Card and software licenses. All of these are protected by one master password. In addition to that, Concealer allows you to set individual password for stored files as well.

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Just like we said in the case of Hider 2, it also uses bit encryption. Once closed, everything is clean.

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  4. Without the master password, whatever you stored in Concealer will be inaccessible. There are also some other smart features that may interest you. But the point is that you can simply drag-n-drop files and encrypt them with best security.

    Make an Invisible Folder and Hide Files in Plain Sight on Mac

    Unlike the Terminal and Utility Disk methods, you should have Concealer app for encryption and decryption. However, there is a free trial version that allows you to save a limited amount of data. However, we are going to compress the folder or file with a password. This way, the contents cannot be accessed without a password. In my case, I had my files on Desktop.

    So, this means the file Photo. You have to provide a strong password after the command. Browse Search.

    Ask a question. User profile for user: EstherEsther EstherEsther. Question: Q: Question: Q: how to make a private folder? Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Apple ID Speciality level out of ten: 0. Mar 16, PM in response to EstherEsther In response to EstherEsther Click here and follow the instructions followed by placing the folders and files on the image; if the password is in the keychain, it will be supplied whenever you're logged in.

    How to Make a Folder Private in Mac OS X

    View answer in context. One way is to use Disk Utility to create an encrypted disk image this is how I store my financial information, for example. Open up the toolbar in Preview and select the 'Instant Alpha' function. Click and drag with Instant Alpha on until the entire picture is red, then release. It will select the entire picture.

    Notes on password protecting a folder on Mac

    This will select the blank space where the picture used to be. You can now exit out of Preview. In the top left hand corner there will be a Folder Icon. Click on this.

    Mac Home Folder - macOS File System | Nektony Blog

    It should be highlighted in blue. There will no longer be an icon visible, and the folder will disappear from your desktop. Now all you have to do is rename the folder highlight the folder and press Enter to several spaces press the spacebar a couple times and there will be no trace of it on your desktop. The only thing you have left to do is to left click and drag your mouse over the vicinity that the folder was in, drag the folder over to a corner of your desktop where you hardly put files, and then deselect it.

    When you want to open it again, just select the vicinity again and double click the area where the name of the folder would be. I followed the instructions step by step, but I can go only up to step 9. What can I do? Make sure you have the tiny icon in the "Get Info" window highlighted with a blue outline. Yes No.

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