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While on this mode, you should not shut down or disturb the computer in any way until it completes the OS X boot. You can also cause your Mac to produce tones, usually with certain key combinations.

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These key combinations will initiate some operation upon start-up. These are a few of those combinations:. These are some of the commands available at the start up and they will also produce unique sounds too.

The Mac startup tone – an evolution in progress

Your cart is empty Shop Now. Ensure that the RAM module is pressed into the slot all the way and that the retaining clips are holding the module tightly in place. The Mac will display a loading screen and take care of itself; you just need to have patience.


Apple Computer Beep Codes

Have you ever had a strange startup sound when turning your Mac on? Share the experience in the comments! The different Mac startup tones and the problems they indicate Anthony Bouchard on February 25, A Happy Mac is the normal bootup startup icon of an Apple Macintosh computer running older versions of the Mac operating system. It was designed by Susan Kare in the s, drawing inspiration from the design of the Compact Macintosh series and from the Batman character Two-Face. The Happy Mac indicates that booting has successfully begun, whereas a Sad Mac along with the "Chimes of Death" melody or one or more beeps indicates a hardware problem.

Beeping Sound After Upgrading RAM on Mac Mini Fix

When a Macintosh boots into Mac OS 9 or lower, the system will play its startup chime, the screen will turn gray, and the Happy Mac icon will appear, followed by the Mac OS splash screen or the small "Welcome to Macintosh" screen in System 7. Mac OS versions 8. On early Macs that had no internal hard drive , the computer boots up to a point where it needs to load the operating system from a floppy disk.

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Until the user inserts the correct disk, the Mac displays a floppy icon with a blinking question mark. In later Macs, a folder icon with a question mark that repeatedly changes to the Finder icon is shown if a System Folder or boot loader file cannot be found on the startup disk. With the introduction of Mac OS X , in addition to the blinking system folder icon, a prohibition icon was added to show an incorrect OS version found.

The bomb screen was replaced with a kernel panic , which was originally colored white but was changed to black in version With Mac OS X This is also the last version that had a Happy Mac icon; in version A Sad Mac is a symbol used by older-generation Apple Macintosh computers hardware using the Old World ROM and not Open Firmware , which are those predating onboard USB , starting with the original K Macintosh and ending with the last NuBus -based Power Macintosh models including the first-generation , , , as well as the PowerBook and , [13] to indicate a severe hardware or software problem that prevented startup from occurring successfully.

The Sad Mac icon is displayed, along with a set of hexadecimal codes that indicate the type of problem at startup.

Different codes are for different errors. This is used in place of the normal Happy Mac icon, which indicates that the startup-time hardware tests were successful. PowerPC Macs play a sound effect of a car crash, and computers equipped with the PowerPC upgrade card use the three note brass fanfare death chime A, E-natural, and E-flat , followed by the sound of a drum, same as the Macintosh Performa and Macintosh Performa A Sad Mac may be deliberately generated at startup by pressing the interrupt switch on Macintosh computers that had one installed, or by pressing Command and Power keys shortly after the startup chime.

On some Macintoshes such as PowerBook c, if the user presses the command and power keys before the boot screen displays, it will play the "chimes of death".

Macintosh Power-On Self Test | The Wax Drum

The chimes are a fraction of normal speed and there is no Sad Mac displayed. Mac OS X On the iPod , if damage or an error occurs in the hardware or the firmware , for example, if its files are deleted, a Sad iPod appears. This is similar to the Sad Mac, but instead of a Macintosh, there is an iPod, and there are no chimes of death. The icon also lacks a nose, and the frown is flipped horizontally.

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It also does not show hexadecimal codes indicating what problem occurred in the iPod.