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Such a difficult moment in life I believe lots if not all have gone through. I miss her so much…. Mastered at Bonati Mastering. Mastered by Josh Bonati.

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Release Date October 16, Cooking Up Something Good. Freaking Out the Neighbourhood. Ode to Viceroy. The rest of the losers laughed or sighed at the pathic doe eyes Richie wore whenever he looked at you.

You were the innocent of the group, Richie was not. Every sentence that he said included swears but one had hardly ever touched your lips. He wore black and punk band tees and you wore pastels and sweaters.

My Kind of Woman - Mac DeMarco

It was just the giddiness and rush you got whenever you were around him that really got the laughs going. Two more things you lack. Richie huffed and stood up from the rock he had been sitting on. Wait up! You gave him some food and he told you about Bowers, He told you about everything , His cheeks were a dark shade of red, you were the last person he wanted to know. Since the day you met Richie you felt connected with him. You thought he was too but neither of you ever dared make a move.

You gave him breakfast as soon as your parents left. As he ate you watched him from across the table eating your own breakfast. You found his leg with your foot under the table. Why not Eddie or Stan?

Mac's "My Kind of Woman" video = prediction about life?

Why me? I really do. Your so nice and I really love you.

Mac DeMarco - "My Kind of Woman" @ Lollapalooza Brasil (HD)

Richie and you had been a thing forever and respected it as dating behind closed doors. But you were fed up so when he met you at the barrens, just the two of you, you jumped right into it.

Mac DeMarco: My Kind of Woman

I need to know Richie, I have to go to college and you, you have to go somewhere! The first the two of you kissed was at a party where you both had been a little tipsy. He tried desperately to get you to kiss him again, but the time was never right. One day Richie Tozier had enough, He was driving you home from a meetup with the losers, the windows were open and the radio blasting.

Everyone had went out to Castle Rock for a carnival but the rest of the losers decided to stay after you and Rich left. You laughed at something he said and when that sweet sound touched his ears he quickly turned off the road and onto the shoulder. Whats up? He smiled and turned back onto the road.

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You turned to see two boys, one with Red shorts who was smaller and then a tall boy with wild curly black hair, thick glasses and a devilish grin. Keep reading.

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A Mac Demarco song inspired emoji spell to attract someone with very strong feelings to you. Listen to the song and feel his absolute adoration to further charge this spell. Like to charge. Reblog to cast. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Mac DeMarco my kind of woman cigarette.