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Mario Kart DS

Drifting absolutely works in Mario Kart DS. Are you sure you are using the correct technique? You can find some instructions on how to drift if you search for "Mario Kart DS" on websites such as gamefaqs. Yes, I know that I am using the correct technique. It might have been my key bindings. This depends entirely on your keyboard. There may be other keyboards that work for W and not E. There's no way for us to predict this. Literally nobody takes this into consideration when designing their default keybindings.

It's the user's responsibility to accomodate the quirks of his keyboard. Of course I checked the default key bindings. And it's not like the user is unable to change the bindings. As you just mentioned, you changed the binding from W to E to make it work for your particular keyboard. It is the user's responsibility to bind the controls to their own needs before using the emulator.

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You should really check your keybindings before making such an unprepared and useless statement. The only error here is your pointless existence. It was just a pointed response to some silly Internet troll that called me out by name and claimed that my default key bindings choices were bad, and that my response to the OP was "an unprepared and useless statement," and that "the only error here is [my] pointless existence.

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So when I responded to the troll and turned his own words against him, then, like the anonymous coward that he is, deleted his original post, thereby removing the original context of my response, and therefore trying to make it look like I'm a jerk that is harassing an innocent user. It's very sad how anonymous trolls don't even have the courage to keep their own posts up when their own words are used against them.

Very sad, indeed.


Was it not your own saying that "the only error here is your pointless existence"? I probably missed something. It might have been my key bindings, but I'm not sure. I have a new computer now, so I might be able to try again with better results. No, the quotation of "you should really [ The only error here is your pointless existence" were not my words, those were the troll's words. I simply repeated his own words back to him to show him how stupid he actually is, while at the same time making the point that this scenario has been fully tested and working.

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And yes, the troll's intention was for you to miss something, because the troll deleted his original post, thereby removing the original context of the statement. But back to business. They have 16 new tracks and then there's a retro series featuring racetracks from all of the older games as well! They kept the battle mode from Mario Kart 64, and added a new game called Shine Runners, as well as different challenges that you have to go through collect coins within a time limit, make so many turns a certain way, etc.

All-in-all, this game was great. And I'd highly recommend it to anyone that would like to try the best racing game ever made! Mission mode is an excellent addition to the series. The single player grand prix was getting a little stale just on it's own.

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The ai is quite excellent - it's not the horrible elasticband stuff from mk I have 1 minor gripe about the entire game. It kind of takes away from the authenticism of the retro tracks since none of the other games had it. Offroading is too punishing, but doesn't prevent mk ds from being an outstanding game.

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Upto Eight Players can play this game, and all of them can choose their favorite racer among eight of the Mario Series Character. This game is played by friends to show their skills; therefore, no computer rival is present in the game to slow you down.

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  8. In Balloon Battle, a Balloon is attached with every kart that can be re-inflated upto four times and a maximum of three balloons can be attached with the Kart. After you have re-inflated your balloons for four times, you can steal the balloons of other Karts by boosting into them. The goal is to pop all the balloons of the rival to win the game by either boosting into the rival or by throwing some Items like Shells.

    Several Power-Ups can be picked up from the Power-Ups Boxes on the track and can be used to pop the balloons of the rival. If all the players pop each other balloon at the same time and there is no balloon left on any player, then the game will draw. There is also a thirteen character in the game named Shy Guy that is only available in the Download play version of Mario Kart DS in random colours.

    All these characters are divided into three weight class that have their own pros and cons and influence the way these character race. The three weight class are — Lightweights, Heavyweight, and Middleweight. Lightweights are those characters that have high acceleration as they are benefited from their low weight like Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Dry Bones, and Shy Guy. Heavyweight are those characters that have low acceleration, but high top speed as they have more weight and thus the acceleration decreases like Bowser, Donkey Kong, and R.

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    In Mario Kart DS there is an inclusion of a new mode known as Mission in which you have to complete various missions to get a higher ranking. There is a total of seven levels with each level having a total of eight missions and a Boss whom you will fight at the end. As the level increases the difficulty of missions also increases so you will have the easiest missions in the first level, but difficult ones at the seventh. If you get atleast a single star in the first six levels, then the seventh level will be unlocked that has the most challenging mission and the Boss. After completing the missions and levels, your rank will increase or decrease depending on the time left or taken by the Kart.

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    Well, in this mode there is a twist, none of the unlockable characters can play this mode, so you are left with the initial eight characters. Also, Bowser and Donkey Kong does not fight the boss as they are heavyweight, so their one hit is more powerful than any other Kart. Golden Mushroom allows you to have an unlimited boost for a limited duration that can make your kart faster than others for short duration.

    The Triple Bananas is an ultimate form of a Banana Peel where instead of a single Banana you get a bunch of three bananas that you can throw on Track to spin out enemies. Bob-omb is a Bomb that you can throw on the Track, and it will explode after a few seconds, any Karts in the Explosion radius will spin out.