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Don't do this if you're still on ADSL! Most applications assume they are on a private network and that their visible IP is not the one they are visible on on the internet via, so if it's nested one more level down via NAT with a DMZ redirecting traffic to the second router's WAN interface it makes very little difference if this guide is followed!

There are many reasons you would want to do this: You have a complex network setup with a more advanced router running services such as a VPN server and you still want to use the VOIP in the TG so that it can manage the packet priority tagging properly. You don't quite trust the TG You want a simpler solution than the "Using bridge mode with a dedicated PPPoE ethernet port" section below outlines which can be a nightmare to set up and debug if something goes wrong.

This is still possible in bridged mode but it's less stright forward. Here is how you go setting this up properly: Set up the TG as above fully including VOIP etc and make sure it works to your satisfaction. If your inner router also has a default LAN subnet of Confirm on the inner router that it got If it did not, reboot both of them at the same time to get rid of any lingering DHCP leases.

Set up DynDNS if you want to. Turn off WiFi on the TG At this point the TG should be transparent to incoming requests which will hit the WAN interface of your internal router and be handled normally. Really advanced topics!

Changing max sync speeds You can change the max values for sync speeds. The value maxusdatarate controls the upstream maximum sync speed, maxdsdatarate controls the downstream maximum sync speed, and maxaggrdatarate is the maximum combined speed.

The defaults are listed below. If you won the node lotto and are feeling lucky you can modify these like so: uci set xdsl. It should also work with IPoE. Thankfully, standard OpenWRT config applies. I have yet to figure out how to get the WAN port to do this — as it seems to be configured differently — maybe at the switch level.

Default Key Algorithm In Thomson And BT Home Hub Routers

If you want to use the VOIP in the TG while in bridge mode, you will need to configure a default gateway, a nameserver, and configure the pabx to use the LAN bridge as the outgoing interface. The following example uses Google for DNS and assumes your router is at The web interface will see the section in the config once you add it in. It would be possible to add the section using UCI but it's quicker with an editor and you will get the most recent defaults from your existing profile rather than a stale web page!

This should also be possible via the web interface after running the above default config which adds in a web page to allow editing this config.

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This was straight forward for me. Serial Console A serial console can be added using a 3. These can be found on ebay quite cheaply. The serial console is J5 on the board, and note from the picture below, R and R need to be solder bridged to pass the serial signals to the adaptor. Note that by default you can't log in on the serial console. Boot the Thomson first , then the Airport , after being plugged into the Thomson, and check the Admin page for both to see if everything is working fine Then I would work on re-doing all the port forwarding.

1.Open Thomson TG585v7 Router IP Address

This user would like to thank Upthehatters for this useful post: humano. Many thanks for these points. OK, just to clarify I can log in to the router absolutely fine. I was well pleased with that speed as the disk performance on external drives is not great with the Airport. Actual internet speed is down from 19MBps to Just disabling the WiFi, plugging in the Airport did work but the Airport complained of Double NAT I am not worried about the cablecom connection, I just want to avoid using the Thomsons as anything other than a router.

When you say "I use my Thomson as just a gateway", what did you change on the Thomson other than disable the WiFi on the Thomson? Did you change any of the network settings as well? It's that bit of info that would be really useful. That is exactly what I want to do. Yep, the airport is all patched up. I am not worried at all about that. Or at least I wasn't until the Thomson arrived with its uselessness. I have found this page which is a screenshot of the Bridging page on the Thomson: Apparently it needs the Mac Address of the Airport but what concerns me here is that I don't want the WiFi on the Thomson to be on at all, yet this Bridging only appears to be wireless, not through the Ethernet cable.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I might just call Cablecom and ask for the Ubee if that is modem only. Thanks again. This user would like to thank buono for this useful post: humano. Don't waste time trying to bridge, Wireless bridging is notoriously slow if encryption is enabled etc. All should be automatic. Try not to fiddle with these settings. As I said before, reset all, and let themselves sort each other out. Nice info, thanks. I'll give all that a go. Hi Buono, did you eventually manage to solve your problem? I need to set my airport in bridge mode otherwise it does not connect to the internet.

This is not i want, as i would like the Thomson router to act as a modem only and let the airport managing my network ie, port forwarding, DHCP lease This was my previous setup using the Scientific Atlanta.

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Any help is much appreciated - I spent a couple of hours with little success I am tempted to call cablecom and ask them to reactivate my old modem. Click on your connection, properties. Make sure the settings say to obtain IP address automatically and also for DNS, then reboot the modem and computer. You did not specify if you are using a router. If there is not an option to change NAT type on the web interface for your router, then it is what it is. Hope that helps Christopher. There's no need to "crack" the password or user name if you physically have the device.

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Make sure you write down and save the password after you change it from its default or you will have to do this over again. Hello, usually the default for this type of router is; the default username is Administrator case sensitive.

Thomson Cable Modem: How do I change my MAC address

Be sure to type the user name with an capital 'A' : Hope this helps! Have a look at the wireless card that is inserted in your computer, check the label it, will have the MAC address printed on the label. If the wireless card is inside the laptop then have a look at the properties of the wireless card - it should give the MAC address of the wireless card. The router will only allow the MAC addresses that are in this table to connect to the router. Hello Sailorgreg, mac addresses are supposed to be unique addresses for each and every wireless network device.

There is no way to change or modify a mac address as it is programmed into the actual network adapter. If you have purchased two different routers and they have the mac address for both, I would recommend trading one of them in because this would be a defect. Thank you, Pat. I want to create a wireless bridge between these two routers, so that I can have internet on the Netgear router.

Change your MAC Address!

I am sorry but I am not so familiar with the Thomson Device but I can give you a clue on how to set it up Check it out! Not finding what you are looking for? Related Question I have just purchased a Thomson tgv8 and am unable to log into the Thomson Gateway. Dell printerAntivirus is an American multinational company which was founded by Dell printer using its company headquarters in Round Rock, United States of America.

The Wi-Fi characteristic in it makes it very on hand and easy to use.