Power mac g5 upgrade to intel

Oct 2, PM.

The Mighty Power Mac G5 - MacStories

I first used it on a PowerMac Dual 1. Used it to edit some audio and HD video footage for a couple years for some small projects and then job changed and haven't really used it since. I'm not really sure what it is worth today for sale but am willing to take offers so if you have something in mind let me know.

I may have I have a g5 on 10,5,8 can and mine hasn't got the App Store how do I go about getting this , and will snow leopard give me the App Store. Nov 20, PM. So no, you cannot have the App Store on a Mac of that vintage. Nov 21, AM. Jul 11, AM in response to mdelong In response to mdelong. I was reading up on the G5 and read your post regarding Final Cut Pro etc I might be interested in speaking with you.

Plz give me a holler. Jul 11, AM.

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Faster G5s

Ask a question. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: John Galt John Galt. You cannot upgrade the CPU to an Intel processor. Their architectures are completely different. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. I've got my big G5 quad back on As mentioned iMovie HD was the best bersion of iMovie ever You should be thrilled to pieces, not complaining, not one bit.

User profile for user: japamac japamac. Jun 4, AM in response to John Galt In response to John Galt there are significant advantages to having your own software in a box on the shelf. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 1. Here's links to Version 4 and version HD 3.

User profile for user: mdelong mdelong. User profile for user: Nina R Nina R. User profile for user: Dadasmithywinkle Dadasmithywinkle. Oct 2, PM in response to mdelong In response to mdelong mdelong, I just bought a 1. User profile for user: Dighton79 Dighton User profile for user: Allan Jones Allan Jones. User profile for user: Encryptionist Encryptionist. User profile for user: a brody a brody. It was bigger, more expandable and faster. Created in partnership with IBM, it was the first bit processor to be put in a personal computer.

The G5 processor was designed was to be put into multi-processor machines, which Apple sold at the upper end of its product range. In practice, these numbers meant that the Power Mac G5 ran circles around the G4, but Apple took the opportunity to improve more than just CPU performance. This gave users faster access to their files and media, making all of OS X feel smoother.


The Mighty Power Mac G5

Those openings were key to keeping air moving through the case. The cooling system was far more complex than a bunch of little holes, though. The Power Mac G5 was home to nine fans. Nine fans means its going to be nine times louder!

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It turns out, the opposite is true. The enclosure was divided into four separate thermal zones, and those fans did their job. The case was made entirely out of aluminum, immediately making the G4s look small and outdated.

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Apple retained the handles at the top and bottom of the case, but they were noticeably less comfortable to use than the curved plastic ones on the G4. Like the Power Macs from the previous several years, the side of the G5 opened to reveal its internal components. In June , Apple gave the G5 a speed bump, with a dual 2. Even now, 14 years later, this still blows my mind.

Apple did all it could to hide the intricacies of the radiator and hose system behind nicely-designed metal panels:.

Note that not all G5s were liquid cooled after it was introduced. Apple only used this technology when it was needed, and only three SKUs came with a radiator:. Unfortunately, the first two liquid-cooled models were prone to leaks, which could lead to power supply, CPU and motherboard damage. Apple never issued a specific repair bulletin about these issues, but by the time I was a Mac Genius in or so, leaky G5s were taken very seriously.